The ‘C’ Word

By: J.J. Cheesman


As a writer, I have always struggled. But my wife had always been supportive. She constantly urged me on to keep at the craft, even on the days she wasn’t feeling well.

But lately I have found it hard to concentrate. I can only stare blankly at word documents while the insertion cursor blinks idly. What’s worse, is my wife no longer offers her support. She simply sits at the kitchen table watching me with cold staring eyes while I sit at my computer desk.

Sometimes she yells at me. She says things like ‘fool’ and ‘you’re nothing’. I don’t understand it. She is so angry with me and I don’t know why. I have tried to ask her what I did to deserve her animosity. But when I ask, she just stares back with her angry and glossy eyes.

Whenever I bring up the ‘C’ word in occasional bursts of pent up frustration… god… it only gets worse. As you can imagine, bringing up that word sends my wife into a flurry of angry howling screams.

But still, I don’t understand why she is taking it out on me. After all, I did all I could to make her comfortable before the cancer took her life.

The ‘C’ Word

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