Blue Lights


By J.J. Cheesman


Recently, I moved into a new home. I was excited because up until then I had only ever lived in an apartment. In my sleepy little town of Charity, at the very end of a street named Bridgett, stood a stoic red brick house.

It was a bit out of the way, which is why I assumed the house across from it and adjacent had also stood un-occupied with ‘For Sale’ signs in the yard. But it was that beautiful house that I had my eye on for a while. I worked at the machine factory in town, so the location of the house was no issue for me.  

Once I was all moved in I found I had trouble sleeping at night. I was so used to all of the random noises that came with living in an apartment building that to me the silence was less than comforting. Since my nearest neighbor was a block away, the only sounds that could be heard at night was the very occasional car that would travel down my street. The sounds of rolling tires and running engines would accompany the soft yellow or blue glow of headlights spilling into my bedroom windows as the vehicles passed. The car-light was just an added disturbance to my sleepless nights.

So I ended up getting a box fan and I placed it on my night stand, facing it away from me. My hope was that the added white noise would help me to sleep better at night. The fan did help, for the most part. But I still found that although I could barely hear a thing outside thanks to the whirring blades of my new purchase, I still found it hard to fall asleep with my room being illuminated every now and then by glowing headlights. Even though my street was relatively devoid of life it seemed that a lot of people liked to use it as a detour, and it was even busier the later it got. I didn’t understand it. One particular night that I lay in bed, I swear my room was lit by blue light at least five times in a half hour.

I was nearly at my wits end. Work became a living nightmare due to lack of sleep. I was often grumpy with co-workers and friends. Life was just becoming a mess. Then one night I decided to hell with it, I was going to duct tape my windows. I know it sounds atrocious, and it was. But I didn’t know what else to do, and I figured that an occasional passer-by thinking I was trashy was worth a good night’s sleep. The next couple of nights were absolute bliss. With my bedroom now completely drenched in darkness throughout the night I slept better than I’d had in a long time.

 Nearly a week after I decided to put up the tape, I found myself unable to fall asleep due to a rather nasty cough. So I rolled out of bed and made my way into the kitchen to get some water. I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and began filling it from the faucet, when in through the window above my sink came a flash of blue light. I was hardly certain I saw it at first. Then the blinding flash came again, going out as soon as it came. ‘A storm is coming’ I thought. Two or three more flashes came in through the window as I downed my glass of water and set the glass in the sink. I then turned, looking out of the kitchen into my living room, just a passing glance to see if I had left any windows open. The light from my kitchen window flashed again, spilling into the room.

It’s funny what happens to the body when something completely terrifying occurs in one awful moment. Like the feeling of missing the last step of a flight of stairs. Your whole being becomes completely tense, almost soaking up the horrifying reality of the situation. That’s what my body did when that flash of light came in through my kitchen window, but my un-lit living room remained completely dark. I turned around slowly to look out through that window above my sink. I could see nothing but total darkness.

I stared out into the darkness beyond that glass for what seemed like several minutes, but I couldn’t see anything. That awful feeling came back to me once more but instead of missing the bottom step, it felt as though I was missing an entire flight of stairs all together. I COULD see something through that window, though it was a little misshapen. Just beyond the window frame I could see what appeared to be a vague outline of a human’s head, but there was something not quite right. That brilliant flash of light came again, partially blinding me and I had to shield my eyes. The light stayed on for just a couple seconds longer this time, and I could see now that the source of the light was something that looked like headlights. The light went out again and the afterimage that it left in my vision made me cold.

In the afterimage, I saw that misshapen head, and I saw what was bothering me about it. The source of the light wasn’t coming from headlights. There in that ghostly apparition that only existed in my own sight, I saw two giant and bulbous eyes. Eyes that I now realized were emitting that blinding blue glow. An incredible terror over took me then, as the full scope of the situation over took my mind. I had to tape up my windows because of the late night traffic that bustled down my street. But how often had it actually been the very thing that stood outside my house at that moment, looking in at me as I laid in bed? Were there ever any sounds of engines going down my street passed a certain hour? I try to recall that now as I tried to recall then, and still I’m not sure.

The afterimage in my vision went away after a second or two, but that light didn’t return. I looked hard outside that kitchen window then, searching for any sign of the creature’s head, but there was none. I turned and ran to the living room, making sure every window there was closed and that their respective blinds were drawn. I double checked the front door ensuring that the lock was in place. My head was buzzing and thinking straight was impossible. I grabbed a baseball bat that I kept by the front door and I sat on my couch, laying the bat across my knees. I couldn’t believe what was happening, this couldn’t be true. My mind raced at the possibilities of what might be lurking just outside my home. A ghost? An alien?

My thoughts were interrupted by a knock at my door. I jumped in surprise, but other than that I didn’t make a move.

“Sir, this is Sheriff Lutz of the Charity Police Department, is everything okay in there?”

I was stunned, I certainly didn’t call the cops. I wasn’t sure what to say then, so I kept quiet.

“Sir? Do I need to force the door open? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine! No need to force the door open! I’ll be right there!”

I got up, and slowly unlocked the door, bat at the ready. I opened the door slowly, and on the other side stood a portly man dressed in a policeman’s uniform. He had a very concerned look on his face and his palms were open, showing me he had no weapon.

“Son” He said, “I think it’s best you come with me.” My bat was raised, but at the sight of the defenseless police officer I lowered it, dropping my guard for the moment. I looked out behind him to the vacant, trashed houses that lined the street. Empty, save for all the random debris stuffed within each of them. It didn’t add up to me. How would the sheriff have known that I was in distress? No one was around to make the call. I looked back to the seemingly concerned, portly sheriff and smiled.

“Yes, I think I will come with you, I’m sorry I’m just a little jumpy.” I said.

“That’s quite alright son, just hand me the bat.” He outstretched one of his palms, never taking his eyes off me. Pale blue eyes that I swear shined like headlights in the night. I slowly outstretched the bat with both hands, offering it to the man. Then, my head jerked to the left, giving off the impression that something caught my eye just beyond the sheriff’s right shoulder. That fool actually turned around. I raised the bat high above my head, and brought it down on that bumbling oaf’s dumbass head. He slumped and fell hard to the concrete of my porch steps, and I watched for a moment waiting for him to transform back into the monster I knew him to be. After a minute went by, he began to move, but he didn’t change in appearance. That was fine with me. I could keep it up.

I swung the bat again, and again. The bat slammed down on the sheriff’s skull and broke it open like a visceral piñata. Spewing chunks of bone and gray matter all over my face, but I kept swinging. I didn’t stop until there was only a stump below a blood stain. Still, the bastard never revealed his true form. That was fine by me, I wasn’t going to fall for their tricks. I looked up then, into the house across from mine, and saw movement. There was another one trying to hide from me. I reached down and grabbed the sheriff’s gun from his holster and marched across the street. I kicked the door down with some difficulty, and once I made it into the house I found the monster curled up and shaking on a pile of newspaper. What a pitiful sight it was, I put that ugly bastard down with one gunshot to the head, but I fired a couple more rounds for good measure. This was my first time dealing with these creatures, better to be safe than sorry.

That’s when I looked up across the way at my house, and saw something strange. My house, that was previously a beautiful red brick home, was now gray and dilapidated. From what I could see inside my home, it now looked much like the dirty, trash filled one I stood in. How had these creatures destroyed my home so completely in the time it took for me to walk over to the neighboring home? I didn’t understand it.

I searched the sheriff’s pockets and I found a phone, because mine has somehow been taken by those abominations. I quickly jotted down my story on a word app on his phone and I’m going to post this wherever I can. This is my warning to all who read it. Beware of the blue lights, don’t let them trick you. I have to go; I hear them now. Their cries resound an echoing siren throughout the night, and I will avoid them at all costs.

Blue Lights

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