The Ride, A Poem

-By: J.J. Cheesman

You are lost for words, and I can’t blame you at all.

You’ve taken all you can again, and you let me take the fall.

But you don’t have to feel guilty, you don’t have to feel that way.

This blue curacao whiskey ride gets me through the day.

I’m sorry I’m sensitive, I’m sorry I always change my mind.

I’m sorry that my center is something I never ever find.

Everything I loved left when all I wanted was to stay.

But this blue curacao whiskey ride helps to make it all okay.

Every single word you speak, cuts me to the bone.

I wish I knew how to tell you that I always feel alone.

But silence is all I can come up with at the end of the day.

So, the blue curacao whiskey ride is the price that I must pay.

When I was just a boy I dreamed that I’d be great.

But time is an awful monster that doesn’t like to wait.

From then my memory is just a hazy muddled grey.

I think the blue curacao whiskey ride took them all away.

Tonight, I stare up at the sky, losing my belief,

That anything but this old drink will bring me my relief.

I don’t need your pity, your money, or for you to pray.

This blue curacao whiskey ride will set me on my way.

The Ride, A Poem